TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS Mono Display Ability:
Mother Glass Thickness: 0.55/0.7/1.1mm
Outline Dimension: Min 10x10mm Max:250x240mm
Temp. Range: Max. -40~90℃
Driver Method: 1/1 Duty~1/160 Duty
Connector Type: R/C, H/S, Pins COG, TAB, ZEBRA
Pin Pitch: Min. TN 0.15mm STN 0.12mm
Dot Gap: Min 0.015mm Dot Size:0.18X0.18mm
Screen Print: Five kind colors printing

TFT Display ability:
TFT size from 1.3” to 12.1”
Make customed LCD for different thickness, different luminance, different interface.
TFT plus standard or customed resistance touch screen & capacitance touch screen.
TFT LCD with driver PCB board.
All view angle LCD based on IPS panel or O'film technologies.
Anti-glare surface LCD. 
Sunlight readable LCD. 
High luminance back light.
9Panel cutting to achieve customized structure.

Production Capability:
Mono LCD panel: 160,000 Sheets/M (Mother glass 14x16”)
COG: 1KK pcs/M
FOG: 1.2KK pcs/M
COB: 400K pcs/M
OEM and Assembly: 700K/pcs
TFT Module: 1.2KK pcs/M

Laboratory Capability:
High-temperature test (Storage, Operating). 
Low-temperature test (Storage, Operating)
High-temperature & High-humidity test (Storage, Operating).
Thermal shock test.
Vibration & Drop test
ESD & EMI test 
Luminance test
RoHS Material test

Quality Ability:
Certification: ISO-9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO-TS 16949:2009
RoHS, Reach compliance 
All manufacturing area are clean room
PO full inspection in production line and QA department 
Out-going report 
Strict material selection and approval system
Ensure the manufacturing compliance with approval sample and design

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