Customed color LCD

TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS,JASONICLCD with color printing, color position according to customer requests, color display at a fixed area.
LCD with color film attached, higher producing yield rate, achieve full colors display
FSC LCD, Support 8 colors, support customer's request for display solutions, low NRE cost, long-term and stable supply.

Full viewing angle VA and TFT

TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS,JASONICHigh contrast.
80 degrees of display four viewing direction.
TFT LCD was applied IPS panel or optical film.

High duty VA

TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS,JASONIC1/1~1/64duty range
Display contents: segment, character and graphic.
Min frequency requests 128Hz for 1/16duty or above.

Drilled or cutting Display

TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS,JASONICMono LCD & CTP was available.
Free shaped
TFT panel can be cut according to customer requested

Quick response LCD


Available for mono display
Applied to 3D glass, shutter, automotive tec.
High contrast.

Low-power LCD


Low-power technologies and materials
Available for TN and STN.

Wide temperature LCD

TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS,JASONICAvailable for mono LCD and TFT
Mono LCD operating temperature range in -30~85℃, Storage temperature range in -40~90℃.
TFT LCD temperature range to -30~85℃ applied to industrial field.

High Brightness LCD, Sunlight readable LCD


Available for mono LCD and TFT
High brightness of LCD, Brightness of TFT LCD can be achieved to 1000cd/m2
Transflective TFT pane.l

TFT interface converting

TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS,JASONICConverted PCB board for LCD interface conversion.
Maintaining customer’s interface requests for different size LCD
Change TFT tail to realize interface converting
Provide the best solution on TFT display.

E-paper Display

TFT,LCD/LCM,Touch Screen,OLED,EMS,JASONICHigh black and white contrast.
Display contents: segment and graphic.
Short response time and low power consumption
E-paper size: customed,1.6”, 2.1”,2.9”, 3.5”,4.3”,6”.

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