What we serve

What we serve

We have a stable design and development team for more than 15 years to provide our customers a completed display product design and manufacture service. Our product includes mono-color LCD, TFT LCD module, Touch Screen and other relative electronic products.

We can also provide a total solution service, from product concept, component structure design; mold making to embedded software custom developing and finished delivery. We keep developing new materials, searching new technology, pushing new products and applying for technology patent. Now we can provide a completed custom Human-machine interface solution, in automotive, Medical, industrial area, etc.

Product overview.

Mono-color LCD Panel: TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DFSTN, VA, WIDE VA, FSC (8 colors), High Response and etc.
Mono-color LCD Module: COB, COG, COF, TAB, SMT.
TFT: 1.44” 1.8” 2.0” 2.2” 2.4” 2.8” 3.2” 3.5” 4.3” 5.0” 5.7” 7.0” 8.0” 9.0” 10.1” 12.1”
Touch Screen: Resistance TP, Capacitive TP, Around tape assembly, Full optical assembly.
OLED: 0.49” ~2.8”, mono color & full color
EMS: LCD Plus, TFT Plus, Customized Electronic product, Turnkey Solution.

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